Betacap Solution

Betacap Solution is a scalp application comprising Betamethasone Valerate (a topical corticosteroid) as an active ingredient. It is used for lessening skin inflammation. Skin irritation causes our immune system to release a variety of chemicals that cause surrounding blood vessels to widen so that the affected area becomes itchy, red and swollen. These symptoms are seen in dermatitis and eczema. Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% is a strong corticosteroid, generally prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory disorders of the skin like eczema and psoriasis. It is the treatment option when weaker corticosteroids have proved to be an ineffective solution. Betacap is used for treating inflammatory scalp disorders. The solution is a colourless and clear liquid and is a fast-acting and powerful corticosteroid used topically on the scalp. Buy Betacap solution online and get it delivered directly to your door. 

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Product Description

How Does Betacap Work?

Betacap contains Betamethasone Valerate, a potent and fast-acting corticosteroid. It is meant for use on the scalp, which often does not respond well to weaker medications of this type.

The main benefit of Betacap is that it reduces inflammation of the skin, a common symptom of a variety of skin conditions. The active ingredient, Betamethasone, does this by working on the inside of skin cells so that your immune system is unable to affect them by discharging the various substances responsible for the inflammation.


How Do I Use Betacap?

Before using this scalp medicine for the first time, turn the bottle cap anti-clockwise to break the seal. Then carefully turn the bottle upside-down over your head, holding the nozzle against the area of your scalp that needs treating.

Squeeze the bottle gently until the affected area is coated with a thin layer of Betacap. Then, massage the solution gently into the scalp to stop it from running off. Allow the treated scalp to dry naturally, without the use of a hair dryer. Always wash your hands after use. On the days when you shampoo your hair, apply this medicine only after your hair has been dried.

For adults, this process should be done twice daily (morning and evening) until the condition improves. When you see your scalp condition is getting better, you can start to use Betacap solution less often. Usage could go down to once a day or less, as long as your scalp condition is then kept under control.

For children, then the directions for use are the same but Betacap should be used more sparingly when compared to adults. If treating children with seborrheic dermatitis, this product should not be used for more than 7 days.

If you are using this medication to treat psoriasis of the scalp, then it’s important that your doctor checks your progress frequently to minimise the risk of any possible problems happening such as any rare side effects associated with this treatment.

Betacap contains alcohol, which is flammable. Do not use the solution near flames or lit objects, such as electric, gas, open fires or lit cigarettes, or near sources of heat such as hairdryers.

Betacap Solution is for use only on the scalp. It must not be used on the face or a part of the body other than the scalp.

Take care to make sure that the scalp application does not run onto your face, particularly your eyes. If this happens, wash your face with cold water. Avoid applying the solution to broken skin.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly after applying.


What If I Use More Betacap Than Necessary?

If you use more than required, mop up any excess and prevent it from spreading onto uninvolved skin areas.


What If I Forget to Take a Dose?

Don’t worry if you forget to use Betacap Solution occasionally, do not worry, just carry on using it when you remember.


What Are The Side Effects of Betacap?

Like all other drugs, Betacap has the potential to cause side effects but not everyone will experience them. When topical corticosteroids like this are used properly, they are often tolerated well. Prolonged and excessive use of the solution however, especially on children or on skin that is wrapped or bandaged can create some issues. In these cases, local skin thinning (making the skin more easily damaged) and adrenal suppression (a form of hormonal imbalance) can occur. Ending treatment, more often than not, puts an end to these side effects.

In very rare cases, the use of Betacap may cause serious side effects. If any of the following occur, stop using this medication immediately and seek medical help.

  • Irritation of the skin
  • With treatment for psoriasis, a pustular form, blisters filled with pus, may develop.
  • Skin thinning
  • Allergic inflammation of the skin (known as contact dermatitis)
  • Stretch marks
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Prominence of blood vessels
  • Excessive hair growth in the treatment area


Is Betacap For Me?

Before using Betacap, please ensure that you are not allergic (hypersensitive) to betamethasone or any of the other ingredients of Betacap Scalp Application. This scalp application should not be used on skin that has been infected by a virus, fungi, or bacteria. It should not be used by children under the age of one, or used to treat any other scalp problems besides the one your GP prescribed Betacap for.

It is not usually recommended that you use Betacap if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If either scenario applies, you should speak to your doctor for advice on your best course of action.

If you are taking or using any other medicines, then they are unlikely to stop you from using this particular treatment. Betacap is not known to affect any other medication. However, it’s best to tell your doctor about any other treatments you are having or have recently had, before you use Betacap for the first time.


Buy Betacap Solution Online?

Yes, you can buy Betacap Solution online safely through MedsRUs. First, you will need to have a quick consultation online with one of our certified prescribers.

During this quick and easy process, you simply have to fill in our patient questionnaire by answering a few short questions. Our certified prescribers will then check it over to see if this medication is suitable for you and your condition. Once the prescribers have confirmed it is the right treatment, you will be provided with a prescription and the medication will be dispensed immediately and sent directly to you.

The process is completely confidential and discreet, takes just minutes and you can order the medication you need without even having to leave your home. Get started now by clicking the ‘Start consultation’ button at the top of this page.

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