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Ventolin Evohaler is a common brand of blue inhalers used to treat and relieve symptoms of asthma and asthma attacks. Ventolin inhalers contain an active ingredient called salbutamol, which works fast to relieve tightness in the chest that is commonly caused by asthma attacks. One or two puffs of this inhaler will usually relieve the tightness in your chest for around 6 hours, and the inhaler usually takes effect almost immediately. Buy Ventolin online today.  

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Product Description

Buy Ventolin Online

Ventolin Evohaler is also known as ‘the blue inhaler’ because it comes in a blue case. The blue inhaler is also sometimes known as the reliever inhaler, as it is for immediate response when you are experiencing symptoms of an asthma attack, like tightness of the chest or shortness of breath.

The active ingredient that Ventolin inhalers contain, is a short-acting bronchodilator called salbutamol, which allows airways to quickly open up during an asthma attack. The drug allows the muscles around the airways to relax, resulting in it becoming easier for you to breathe during an attack.


How does Ventolin work?

Ventolin works by relaxing the walls in the small airways in your lungs. This helps to open up your airways during an asthma attack. This inhaler can also help to clear mucus and reduce inflammation that occurs in the lungs.

Your doctor or GP could also have recommended this medication for other conditions that are not listed in the patient information leaflet.

Ventolin Evohaler can be used to relieve the symptoms of asthma as well as other breathing problems. It can also be used to prevent the onset of asthma that usually occurs in people who suffer from asthma attacks while taking part in physical activities. This medication should only be used when prescribed by a doctor.


About Ventolin:

Ventolin is a blue inhaler that contains an active ingredient called salbutamol. This medication works by opening up the airways in the lungs to try and relieve symptoms such as tight chest or struggled breathing.

It is common that this inhaler is used by asthma sufferers. The Ventolin inhaler contains 100ug of salbutamol, making it an even quicker acting drug that is effective as soon as used.


How to use this medication:

It is important to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor and follow the information on the patient information leaflet when using this medication. You should only use this medication as prescribed to you by your doctor. If you ever have doubts or reserves when using this medication, it is important to get in touch with your doctor or GP.

Inhaled salbutamol is an ‘as required’ treatment. Reliever inhalers like Ventolin are only used when symptoms are present. Most patients only use their inhaler occasionally. You can also use Ventolin when you know you will be exposed to things which will trigger your asthma. People who suffer from allergic asthma can therefore use it before they know they’ll be exposed to the trigger, e.g. pollen, animal hair or dust. People who experience exercise induced asthma attacks can use Ventolin before sport, to prevent symptoms.

This medication can be used as an inhaler or a nebuliser device, and the choice of this will depend on what your doctor advises. You should never use this product without the inhaler as it will be difficult to get the correct dosage. When using this inhaler, it is important to shake the cannister well before each spray. You should then remove the cap or mouth piece from the inhaler and breathe out before putting the inhaler near your lips. Breathe in slowly while pressing down the cannister. Then you should put your breathing on hold for around 10 seconds and then breathe out slowly.


Side effects:

Like any other medicine, Ventolin Evohaler comes with the risk of side effects, but not everybody will experience them. Some of the side effects that this medication can cause are more common than others, but if you suffer any side effects which cause you concern, you should get in touch with your GP or doctor as soon as possible. Some side effects include:

  • Tremors
  • Headache
  • Rapidly beating heart
  • Allergic reaction to the medication or any of the ingredients in it
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low potassium levels
  • Mouth and throat irritation


Who can and cannot use Ventolin?

Ventolin, like many other medications, can interact negatively with some medications and health conditions. If any of the following apply to you, you should avoid using Ventolin:

  • If you are allergic to Ventolin or any of the ingredients in the medication
  • If your doctor has not prescribed the medication to you
  • If you suffer from chest pains or shortness of breath after using Ventolin


Buy Ventolin Online

You can buy Ventolin Evohaler online safely through MedsRUs. Ventolin is a prescription-only medication meaning that you cannot buy the medication over the counter from supermarkets or pharmacies. If you do not want to go to the hassle of arranging an appointment and visiting your doctor for a face-to-face consultation, you can arrange a consultation with MedsRUs to get a prescription for Ventolin within the click of a button.

During this quick and easy process, you simply need to answer a few short questions by filling in our patient questionnaire. Our GMC-certified prescribers will then confirm if this is the right treatment for your condition, and if so, you will be provided with a prescription and the medication will be dispensed immediately and sent directly to you.

Our service is completely discreet and confidential, and you can order the medication you need without even having to leave your house.

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